Monday, March 15, 2010


The day-cruise ship SCANDINAVIAN SKY II photographed in Lisbon in 26 March 1990 while on a technical call on her positioning voyage from Piraeus, Greece to England for a refit and conversion for cruising prior to the start of her day cruises in Florida for Sea Escape. She was a very beautiful former British Railways ferry, the St. GEORGE of 1968. (ST GEORGE 1968-1984, PATRA EXPRESS 1984-1990, SCANDINAVIAN SKY II 1990, SCANDINAVIAN DAWN 1990-1996, DISCOVERY DAWN 1996-1998, ISLAND DAWN 1998-1999, DISCOVERY DAWN 1999-2000, TEXAS TREASURE 2000-2008 - broken up in India in 2008)
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