Monday, March 26, 2007

The CORAL leaving Lisbon 24-03-2007

The CORAL leaving Lisbon on 24 MARCH 2007. Photographs taken from the sailing cruise ship PRINCIPE PERFEITO by Luís Miguel Correia. Also the same ship photographed 31 years ago in her original form as the CUNARD ADVENTURER.

The CORAL in Lisbon 24-03-2007

The cruise ship CORAL berthed at the Rocha cruise terminal, in Lisbon, on Saturday 24 March 2007. This nice looking cruise ship was built in the Netherlands in 1971 as CUNARD ADVENTURER for the Cunard Line. In 1977 she was sold to NCL and renamed SUNWARD II.
At about this time her exterior looks were changed: the original QE2-style white funnel was replaced by two side by side funnels in order to match the looks of the other NCL cruise ships and the mast was also modified. Later the ship became the TRITON and operated as such for Epirotiki and Royal Olympic Cruises. Following the bankrupcy of ROC she was purchased by present owners Louis Cruises of Limassol, Cyprus.
As CUNARD ADVENTURER, she visited Lisbon in 1971 on her positioning cruise to the Caribbeans. Later she also called as the TRITON in Epirotiky livery, and in 2006 returned as the TRITON.
Text and copyright photos by Luís Miguel Correia - 24 MARCH 2007