Friday, September 22, 2006

MORE P&O cruise ships in Lisbon

The P&O cruise ships ARTEMIS and OCEANA photographed in Lisbon on 19 and 20 September 2006 by Luís Miguel Correia.

It is hard to realize that the ARTEMIS is now 22 year old specialy because it means that my tenth 5-year survey is due in a very short term. I can not blame, for it has been a life full of ships in all possible ways, and in a positive mood I look forward for the ships I'll be able to photograph over the next fifty years...

Luís Miguel Correia - 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AURORA at Lisbon 12 September 2006

P&O beauty, the AURORA looks as elegant as ever leaving Lisbon after another cruise call on 12 September 2006 (Luis Miguel Correia copyright photos)

The ORIANA in Lisbon 11 September 2006

I was lucky to be able to first photograph the new ORIANA on her inaugural cruise in 1995 and have repeatedly photographed her since then, including her last arrival in Lisbon on 11 September 2006.
Copyright photos by Luis Miguel Correia

The PRINCESS DANAE in Lisbon 11 September 2006

Classic International Cruises PRINCESS DANAE sailing past the beautiful city of Lisbon on her way to the Mediterranean on 11 September 2006, photographed by Luis Miguel Correia.


In February 1975 I started taking photographs to passengers ships in Lisbon and one of the first brand-new ships I was able to register in film was the BYELORUSSIYA. Thirty one years later she is still around and looking smart, as can be observed on the photos taken at Lisbon on 10 September 2006.
When introduced in early 1975 as the BYELORUSSIYA, the DELPHIN was the first of another series of Soviet passenger ships named after republics of the USSR. In the end five sister were built in Finland and they are all still in service.

The ASTORIA in Lisbon 22 July 2006

When the brand-new ASTOR was introduced in 1981 by HADAG of Hamburg she was one of the first newbuilding cruise ships starting a new generation of purpose built vessels giving new hope to passenger ship enthusiasts. So far she has had a long career under several operators and names, sailing now as the ASTORIA. The adjoining photos were taken in Lisbon on 22 July 2006 and the ship as berthed at the Alcântara terminal.

Copyright photos by Luis Miguel Correia - as usual