Sunday, March 19, 2006


The QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 leaving Lisbon on one of her frequent calls while cruising from Southampton
Copyright photo by Luís Miguel Correia

Lisbon is a major port for cruise ships with a long tradition in passenger shipping ever since the first great steamship companies were established in the eighteen thirties and forties with the purpose of mail and passengers transportation.

Household names in the early years of modern passenger steamship operations like the P&O - Peninsular & Oriental Steamship Co., or the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, were among the first to bring their passenger ships to Lisbon.

Nowadays the old traditions are renewed by visits of cruise ships to Lisbon in increasing numbers.

With this blog the Editor intends to publish news and images related to passenger and cruise ships in Lisbon over the years...

Luís Miguel Correia

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